Here Jesus Stands…Are you in Good Hands?

I’m going to be real about the situation. The devil has his way of tricking us into doing what he wants us to do and sometimes he succeeds. We hang around places we shouldn’t, we lose control of our tongues, and we allow the ways of the world to distract us from the calling Jesus has for our lives. However, not all of our problems are self-inflicted. There may have been some occurrences in our lives where the devil used other people to bring our pain. But through the devil’s negative motivation, shines God’s grace and mercy resulting in a victorious outcome.

I can recall a young man by the name of Joseph. He was the youngest of his father’s sons and he was very gifted. His father valued his gifts and believed them to be blessings from the Lord. God spoke to Joseph through dreams and he was able to interpret those dreams. His brothers were jealous and sold Joseph into slavery. While in slavery, Joseph faced temptation, false conviction, and confinement. Joseph never lost faith and he always kept his hands in God’s hands. It was because of the gift God had given him that he was able to elevate into prosperity. The same people that lied and abandoned him requested his services. While climbing up the stones that all of his enemies had thrown at him, Joseph’s faithfulness to God allowed him to have a position of authority. Joseph may have been discouraged by his situation, but he was never out of God’s protection.

I’m sure we can all relate to Joseph. No, we may not have been sold into slavery, but we’ve been lied on. We have experienced temptation and we know how the devil tries to attack our families. Joseph’s story is empowering, but I know a Man whose story makes the headlines every time. He was falsely accused, tempted, betrayed, denied, talked about, disrespected, and most importantly crucified. He gave his life so you and I can have an unchanging hand to hold. The world may seem nice, but it is nothing compared to being in the hands of the Lord. They are hands that will hold you when you are in need of comfort, pick you up when you have fallen, and heal your broken spirit. Here Jesus stands, always wanting and waiting for us to come running to Him. So I ask you: aren’t you glad you are in Good Hands?

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