When God Speaks…Listen!!!

I will admit, sometimes I run from God’s word. I have been caught up in the thrill of life that I have failed to pay attention to God’s calling over my life. Sometimes we allow the flesh to hinder the voice of the Holy Spirit. It’s hard because we want things to go our way. We want to plan and follow our own plans for our lives. We can’t live this way because this path only leads to destruction. We will find ourselves conflicted, making room for the devil to have influence over our lives. He wants us dead. He wants to steal our joy and he wants Christians to disobey our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each day we must yearn to grow from past mistakes and learn from them. But our stubbornness must be sacrificed for humility and an open heart. As we grow spiritually in Christ we will discover qualities about ourselves that we will not like. God will reveal to us that our sexual desires are not of Him. He will show us that our negative attitudes will only hinder us from receiving His blessings. God will show us how ugly our flesh makes our spirits. But through this reflection, God also reveal how to become a better child for His kingdom. His unconditional love and never ending patience will guide us to reach our spiritual greatness. He will comfort us through our struggle because with growth comes temptation. Through growth, the devil will press us and try his best to pull us back on his path of destruction. But we must hold to God’s unchanging hand and know that He won’t ever let us go. Oh, how He loves and cares for us at our weakest points of life. I am a witness that God has never failed me, even when I have failed Him. I ran from His commands and found myself conflicted. I found myself in misery and those feelings do not come from Jesus Christ. I am tired of living for what Shelby wants and I’m ready to abide by the commands of my Heavenly Father. A life with Jesus is easier than one on your own. We are not strong enough nor are we wise enough to make it on our own. When the Lord speaks we must listen. Let’s not live the life of destruction, but a life of prosperity. The life of prosperity and everlasting joy will only come from the one who died for us. Remember Romans 8:28, “For all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.” Are you ready? Are you ready to move forward and not look back? Seek God for direction and pray for strength. He won’t fail you and He will keep your feet moving ahead. Though the road may be tedious, we our protected by the Almighty God. Having faith and trusting in Him is all we need to make it. Let’s get there together!

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