It’s Your Time

  • …And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this. Esther 4:14

Waiting on the Lord can seem like forever. Especially when we’ve made our requests to Him and it still doesn’t seem like He’s answered our prayers. However,  He may answer us, but it may not be the answer we were expecting. Sometimes we wonder when it will be our time. “When we will we get married, have the dream job, be able to travel the world, or when will we discover our purpose?” These are the questions we ask ourselves. Queen Esther was chosen among many women by the Kings orders to go to his palace for beauty treatments, be lavished in jewelry and make impressions upon the King in order to be chosen as His Queen. Can’t you just imagine all of the emotions Queen Esther may have felt? Afraid, confused, and maybe even stubborn. She had to give up the life she had known for a place in new land. But this was her time to act in order that her people be saved. Her cousin, Mordecai was one of her greatest encouragers and he informed her that this was her time and that if she did not act swiftly someone else will succeed her in this role. God gives us gifts, visions, and shows us His purpose for our lives. Sometimes we become complacent and fearful, not fulfilling our destiny. But there is not time to be scared about fulfilling our purpose. God has chosen you right now in this time to do whatever He has called you to do. Just in case you have become lazy or afraid He places people in our lives that are there to encourage us just as Mordecai encouraged Esther! Watch and pray! 

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