It’s amazing how you can be motivated by someone you hardly know. A person who was a part of that hi & bye relationship has openned my eyes to certain possibilities that life has in store. Sometimes we limit ourselves of our true capabilites. We allow where we come from to inhibit our growth & our strive for success. But I come here to tell you that it’s not about where you come from, but it’s where you’re going. I come from a society where it looks like no hope abides. But it’s a hopeful endeaver. I have lived through struggle,but through struggle I know better days are ahead. Therefore my bad days motivate me to obtain positive change. As I climb the ladder of my success I value my past. I value my community & I cherish the fact that I have the opportunity to be a value to those living in my area. I live in the West End where it’s expected that life ends, not only physically, but mentally. Both need to stop! Violence comes from a mentality of deprivation and lack of direction. If we help change the mentality of detriment to one of hope & prosperity, the outcome would be one stemmed from positive motivation. Leaders will be born and the hopelessness will cease. Our community will be better and the future generations will know how to instill their knowledge to others because they themselves are powered by MOTIVATION!

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