Does He have your Attention?

The Lord has a way of getting our attention. A few weeks ago, I was in a automobile accident that could have easily been fatal…But God! In that moment, all I could focus on was why God allowed it to happen. What was He trying to teach/show me? He kept me. His love for me is indescribable.

A loved one asked me, “what is it you’re supposed to do, that you’re not doing?” Truth is, I have been distracted. I’m in a weird phase in my spiritual journey. God is shifting me. He has been tugging on me to get out of my comfort zone. He has shown me that His purpose for me is bigger than I can imagine. In this phase, I have been as my granny used to say, “busy doing nothing.” I have been filling my schedule with everything but making time for God like I should. 

You see in these moments, we have to draw near to the Lord (James 4:8). It is in moments of uncomfortability that the enemy will try to distract us. He knows our comfort levels, too. He tries to keep us dwelling where God is delivering us. That’s why we must stay connected to Christ. God can’t get the glory if we’re not busy for him. We are living in a time when we need to stand up for God even more. We must not fear the world, but be even more diligent in our gifts (2 Timothy 1:7). God’s love for us is so amazing, we must share it with the world. Someone’s life depends on it!

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