Stop Hiding 

I speak to myself as I write this post because I have been hiding behind my purpose for the a long time. Hiding is ineffective. Hiding is being fearful of what others may think. Hiding hinders you from reaching your full potential. How can you receive the connections if the major connect doesn’t know you have the gift? How can you receive that promotion if you’re not involved in your company or interacting in meetings? How can you be discovered if your lamp is hiding? The Lord wants to use us. He wants us to reach our potential. Sometimes despite our willingness to hide, He positions us in situations where we can’t hide and have to operate in our gifts. He knows what we desire to be and He will equip us with all that we need. But we have to be open and ready to perform the task. We are here because we have purpose. Go for your dreams. Reach for the stars.  Coming out of hiding doesn’t mean you’re attempting to be braggadocious; it simply means you’re ready to shine unapologetically just as the Lord called us to do. He has plans higher than our plans, if we would only trust Him.

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