Let it Go

Lately, I have been feeling jaded. I’ve been feeling lost and confused with the constant yearning for more. Out of this emptiness I have been seeking and asking for too much of my loved ones to fill a void that only Jesus can fill. When my actions seem overbearing, I realize that only the Father can bear all. Sometimes we look to humans or earthly things to satisfy a craving that God stands waiting to fulfill. He wants all of us. Occasionally, we allow the routines of life to take precedence over our relationship with God. We must understand that our relationship with Him is what drives the relationships we have with others. The love we have with Him is the love we pour into others. The peace we have with Him, is the peace that we have with others. The trust that we have in Him, is the trust and forgiveness we can have in others. He is the Ultimate Source of our joy, peace and well being. All that we desire in our lives, stems from our connection to Him. We must be willing to trust the Father and have faith in what He will do. We will find a peace so blissful that it only can be felt through and given by Him. 

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