As We Travel

Life is a journey. It is a ride. It is a roller coaster of what’s expected and the actual happening. A spiritual conquest. Talking with God. Listening to Him. He leads however, sometimes our feet fail to follow. He is He who holds tomorrow. Our quench for now falters our patience and we begin to walk a path of self satisfaction, which often leads to disappointment. We must always remember Christ is the head of our lives. We sometimes get caught in following tradition, having concerns with what others think of us. Our minds and hearts should however, be regulated by God. Our service should be because of our love for Christ leaving self aside. Life. What He holds in place for our lives, should be for His glory and totally stem from the willingness of the heart. Life will be less stressed and more peaceful. Less dependent of others and more dependent upon Him. This journey is taking us to where He wants us to be.

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