My First Love

As Resurrection Sunday approaches I have been reflecting on Christ’s love and how He gave me the most precious gift I could ever receive and that is eternal life. The following is an expression of my love for Christ and how I feel His love for me.

His love is unfailing. It’s gentle. I felt His love even when I’ve done wrong. He always lets me know I’m protected. His love is unconditional. All He asks is that I believe in Him and follow His Word. He has been there when it felt like no one else was around. He loves me despite my sinfulness. He doesn’t judge me. His love accepts me for who and what I am. He made me in His image. So when I look into the mirror I see love. He builds me up. He molds me with intense pressure. I feel His love. He cradles me in His arms giving comfort as if I am a newborn longing to be held. He is my teacher, my disciplinarian. His love provides an abundance of my needs, for I have more than enough. He never counts me out. He is my captain. My pilot. My guidance. When I am burdened, He strengthens me, He touches me, He blesses me, He whispers in my ear assuring me that He never has and never will leave me. He is the leader. I am but a follower. He loved me so much that He died for me and He rose for me. He gave me eternal life to be spent with Him. He is love. My first. Jesus.

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