A Change Gonna Come

This was something I wrote August of 2013…I just happened to find it randomly. It’s amazing how God has moved in my life since then! I’m glad that even though I was faced with disappointment, I didn’t give up! He is still working on me and within me! I hope this blesses you like it has blessed me.

When I graduated I thought I would be starting my career, have an apartment. My current situation was not how I planned my life to be. But I know that God is still good. He has blessed me with a roof over my head, a car to drive, clothes to wear, food to eat, loving parents, money in the bank, and a job. God had to bring me down a couple notches so that I can totally focus on giving Him glory and appreciating the simple things that I had taken for granted. I understand that now. Before I was discontent with how my life was panning out, but now I realize that God places us in certain situations for a reason. He places new people in our lives so that we can be a witness for Him, representing Him wherever we go. When I graduated everyone was asking me, have you found a job, or do you have any prospects? It became discouraging because the answer to both of those questions was always no. I felt like a failure. I had done everything I was supposed to do. I had networked with all the people I could and applied for as many positions. Why was this happening to me? It happened because God loves me and He wanted me to understand that He is all I need when faced with disappointment. I have taken this time to try to improve myself. To be honest I may not have been ready for a “real job,” an apartment, and to be out on my own just yet. Instead I am improving my patience, building my faith, and concentrating on strengthening my diligence and perseverance. I thank God. I am so glad that He forgives me for turning away and rebelling against His calling over my life. I am back in full effect!

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